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Welcome to the

Condominos family

Condominos is the first live pixel collection of 10,000 Condominos - guardians of safe love that will appear as the project's storyline unfolds - unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Every owner of NFT Condominos becomes a member of the family.

Condominos owners will need to log into their Metamask Wallet to gain access to future member-only areas of the project, such as THE TIME MACHINE,TRAVEL.


Open the door to our family

We are determined to establish ourselves in the metaverse. Make our character the primary guardian of safe love in Metaworld

Get your own Condominos
Our route


Is to achieve success and expand the Condominos family.

We set a clear goal for ourselves. And that is why the expansion of our family with your support will help us to reach our goals and develop the project.

Let's make our character the main guardian of safe love in the Metaverse together

Launching a website, Twitter, Instagram
Launching a collection in the Metaverse
Opening minting on the site
Providing rewards to the growing Discord community in the form of gifts, including NFTs and special community roles with whitelist benefits
Transfer of 15% of all initial sales and subsequent products of the project to help Ukraine and families affected by the war.
Transfer of 15% of the initial sales and subsequent products of the project to the fight against AIDS
Award to the first 1,000 family members who own NFTs
Launching the Travel event: travel together and find hidden treasures, guess where our character will go next time, and get rewards for finding your soulmate
Unlocking the exclusive Condominos Merchandise Store featuring t-shirts, hoodies and more.
Opening of the Time Machine event. Embark on a unique journey with Condominos
Building and expanding your pair with the help of a family tree, creating new unique characters.
Launching a game/application
Developing and launching your own token for all our future projects.
To be continued...
Create a


Create your family from those you want to see next to you in Condominos

Create and expand your family, get emotions and coins for developing your family. Your union will consist of family members.

Each family member will be a unique character in their own way. The choice of character will affect the further development of the family.


Travel map