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Welcome to Condominos, the first platform for

safe relationships!

When you join Condominos, you are joining a movement that not only creates safe relationships, but helps shape them. We invite you to take on the challenge of safe love and become part of our game-changing relationship community.

Not only new acquaintances await you on the Condominos platform, but also exciting adventures that open new horizons in the world of safe and harmonious love. Join us today and discover new possibilities in an educational format that will help you create strong and respectful relationships.

Condominos - together we will build new standards for love where everyone feels safe and respected.


Open the doors to our family

Condominos is the first living pixel collection of 10,000 Condominos - protectors of safe love that appear as the project's storyline unfolds - unique digital collectibles that reside on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each owner of NFT Condominos becomes a member of a family.

Condominos Family offers exclusive NFTs that become a guide to a world of safe and harmonious relationships. By purchasing them, you become part of our movement and help change the rules of intimate relationships. We are moving away from the idea that NFTs are just digital items. They represent our values and goals, so when you own one, you join our family, where the world of love is changing step by step towards safety and comfort. Each NFT is part of the Condominos meta universe with access to exclusive features and privileges.

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Our route


Our goal is not only to help avoid the dangers that can lurk in intimate relationships, but also to make them healthy and harmonious among the younger generation.

The Condominos project is an innovative hybrid web platform that seeks to not only inform but also inspire young people to take a responsible approach to their intimate lives, respect their partner and adhere to safety principles.

In the context of the Condominos project, Web3 technologies open up new opportunities to create a safe and informative environment where youth can learn, interact and share experiences about healthy relationships. Our platform provides information and tools to help form healthy, harmonious and safe relationships.

By changing ourselves, we can change the world around us. Join our project if you are ready.

Launching a website, Twitter, Instagram
Launching a collection in the Metaverse
The first 1000 NFT Condominos
Providing rewards to the growing community in the form of gifts, including NFTs and special community roles with whitelist benefits
Exciting training series with Condominos
Transfer of 15% of all initial sales and subsequent products of the project to help Ukraine and families affected by the war.
Transfer of 15% of the initial sales and subsequent products of the project to the fight against AIDS
Release of 5000 NFT Condominos
Launching the Travel event: travel together and find hidden treasures, guess where our character will go next time, and get rewards for finding your soulmate
Тематичні 4000 NFT з подорожей Condominos
Unlocking the exclusive Condominos Merchandise Store featuring t-shirts, hoodies and more.
Opening of the Time Machine event. Embark on a unique journey with Condominos
Building and expanding your pair with the help of a family tree, creating new unique characters.
Launching a dating app
Developing and launching your own token for all our future projects.
To be continued...
Create a


Condominos invites you to create your own unique family with the help of Condobaby, your very own character who will accompany you on this journey. Choose who you want to be around you and expand your circle of loved ones. For the development of your family you get emotions and bonuses. Each of its members will have a unique role, and their choices will influence the further development of your dynasty. Join Condominos now and start your exciting journey into creating the perfect family with Condobaby!


Welcome to Journey World!

Here you'll embark on exciting adventures with the character Condominos as you travel the world in search of your soulmate. Each Condominos adventure series offers exciting educational and entertaining stories created especially for young people. Get ready for new discoveries, exciting encounters and thrilling adventures with your hero!